Meet Team Wiley

We’re Will and Kiley –>

Hiking the mountains of Colorado (Oct. 2016)

We call Colorado home now, even though we were both born in Ohio (and are fiercely proud of it!). Starting 2018, we have a pretty superb opportunity to travel the world with work, so we’re taking the plunge. We have dreams of running this thing post-travels, but we’ve also both started and failed at blogs before, so we’ll keep you posted on that.

Observing Stonehenge — no aliens spotted (Jan. 2017)

For now, our goal is to share our adventures — our wanderings, if you will — as we embark on this journey. Though we’re both reasonably traveled folk (Kiley maybe more so than Will), we have a lot of questions and concerns, jitters and giggles, and more. We’ll tell you all about those as we get this thing off the ground and as we putter around the world.

Checking out Mount Rushmore (June 2016)

So, here’s the plan: see amazing sights, talk with locals and experience other cultures first-hand, drink lots of new beers, eat even more great food, and tell all about it for other travelers with trepidation, for friends and family for fun, and to give some other voyagers a little va-va-voom.

We’ll take lots of photos (probably credit of Will, unless it’s a selfie), write about our trials and tribulations (probably credit of Kiley), and would love for you to join us!

Loving love (and photobombers) in Philly (July 2015)

Crashing around Niagara, New York side (July 2015)