An Ode to Obie: See you soon, little man

So we’ve been gone for over a week! We started in San Diego on January 1, did our orientation, picked up and oriented students, and got them through their first several days of class! But one thing has been weighing on us.

The beautiful thing about traveling these days is that you get to chat with family and friends across the globe with relative ease. Between phone calls, chatting, and video-calling, the distance between people can feel much smaller than it really is. So it’s not to say we won’t miss our friends and family, but it’s way easier to stay in touch with you people than, say, our pup who can neither read nor communicate well over the phone.


We’re not so sure if Obie was happy to come home with us that 4th of July weekend — he seemed underwhelmed at first.

Obie is a 3.5 year old rescue of questionable origins, but we know he comes from Texas, that someone took care of him before he was picked up as a stray, and that some day someone will burn in hell for the stupid bbs that you can feel alongside his ribs and his nose. He was billed as a lab mix, but there’s definitely some other stuff too. We’ve been BFFs for about 1.5 years, and his anxiety is getting better, despite what our ripped front door curtain and the accompanying claw marks on the door frame may suggest.


I’d say he’s warmed up to us. This glamour shot was taken at Devil’s Backbone, between Loveland and Estes Park, CO, during Obie’s first hike.

He was originally named Sampson, but that didn’t seem to fit our little guy. You may notice that he has one blue eye, which we thought was reminiscent of “Ol’ Blue Eyes,” or Frank Sinatra. So we started there, with Frank “One Blue Eye” Sinatra. But that’s a mouthful. “Frank” seemed clunky for the spry, spider-eating, cuddle bug who we fell in love with at the shelter adoption event, and “Frankie” wasn’t much better. “Sinatra” felt weird, and we couldn’t figure a way to shorten it — “Sinny,” “Nati,” and “Atra” were just as odd. We landed on O.B.E. – for One Blue Eye, which sounds like Obi, which led to Obi Wan Kenobi. Being the wee nerdlettes that we are, Star Wars was a welcome homage. So, technically, this guy’s full name is Frank “One Blue Eye” Wan Kenobi Sinatra, but we just call him Obie (and we spell it that way, because by the time we realized that didn’t match OBE or Obi, it was too late).


He now owns us, heart and soul. This is a tribute post to him, and a reminder for us to look at while we’re away. He’s sassy, silly, sleepy, and gets the zoomies so hard that it would make you tired. Here are some fun facts about our favorite little weirdo:

Things Obie is great at: catching and eating bugs, posing like the diva he is (see above), naps (or maybe more accurately, long sleeps), vivid dreams that wake you up in the middle of the night, squeaking his toys at inopportune moments like when you’re on the phone having a serious conversation, greeting you at the door and leaning into your knees, taking your seat on the couch the second you vacate it, loving.

Things Obie is awful at: being by himself, family photos (also see above), catching squirrels, meeting other new dogs calmly and not tackling them, eating his food when he’s supposed to, wearing sweaters.


A rare family photo where Obie’s looking at the camera. This was at the summit of Mt. Margaret outside of Red Feather Lakes, CO

For the next few months, Obie will stay with my parents in Ohio. He has the company of my parents’ dog, Emmy, which makes being at home with no hoomans easier on him, so we’re confident he’ll be happier without us than we are without him. Luckily, these pups get along great, and are downright dashing to boot.

Until next time, pup, have fun with your gram and gramps! Be good, and don’t pick fights with Emmy. Listen when you go outside or are on a walk. Eat your dinner when you’re told, and not so many treats. (Okay, that last one was for Mom and Dad — don’t you fatten him up too much while we’re gone!)

Most importantly, Bobie-Dog, don’t forget about us. We miss you terribly already, even though we haven’t left. We can’t wait to squeeze ya and love on ya.

Snuggles soon,

Dog-Mom and Dog-Dad

2 thoughts on “An Ode to Obie: See you soon, little man

  1. Tim Miller says:

    Hey Ki &Will. I love following your blog. Obie is doing well. He and Emmy are tight and actually very well behaved. He is eating well and may indeed have a few pounds on him when you return to Cincy. As you know, Emmy has no problem eating and I think he is learning to enjoy eating also. He is very lovable and getting lots of hugs and attention. Enjoy your journey.

    Love ya.


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