Introducing Raphael and Batman: Our Complementary Dynamic Duo

Flipping through photos of people cheesing for the camera is fun. Thumbing through scenery pics is cool. Some of those artsy shots looking into the distance are too cliché not to do. But there are days we don’t feel like being in front of the camera, and we need a different kind of pizazz.

Enter: Raphael Poulain (Raph, for short) and Batman (or Bats, for us who know him personally)


Raph has been with me since 2012. When I took off for study abroad in college, leaving senior year of undergrad, my then-roomie and present-day bestie sent me a care package in France that included the little token you see who is not Batman. He was already named after our collective favorite movie Amélie. In one of the subplots (spoiler?), Amélie’s dad, Raphael, becomes reclusive and only really leaves the house to tend his garden — so she arranges extravagant travels and photo sessions for his garden gnome, fixing it so that photos of these illustrious adventures get mailed back to Raphael to coax him out of his slump. Since Amélie is an adorably conniving mastermind, it works, and Raphael takes off at the end of the movie.

So far, Raph has been to Croatia, Stonehenge, Guinness, and more. The poor old chap has seen some scrapes and bruises in his day, but after a few years on the shelf next to our other trinkets, he’s ready and raring to go!

That leaves Bats. Bats is new to the travel game, not having had a whole lot of free time to leave Gotham. Bats is excited to stand-in for Will, especially considering his smash hit debut at Snowbank Brewing this past weekend.

You may notice that Bats sports the Adam West leotard proudly. (Or, if you haven’t grown up on Batman, know every movie by heart, and/or own and regularly binge the animated series, this detail may also have escaped you, as it did me.) This was a conscious choice, given that there were several other versions available, but Will is a nostalgic one, so classic outfit it was.


Thanks, Gilded Goat, for a couple cold ones!

To help lessen the inundation of our spry, eager faces, you’ll also be getting a load of these guys, and sometimes our faces will still be with them. They’ll be highly featured on our Instagram too — @teamwileywanders — where we’ll be posting frequently and sharing the links to get you here. The photo to the left may look familiar for this very reason, and you’ll see our Instagram roll from our blog homepage too.

So, here’s to Raph and Bats! May their travels be splendid, may their caretakers be careful, and may they see many a wonder abroad!

Safe travels, buddies,


Sneak preview: We start our drive from Colorado to Ohio around noon today. That’s 18-hours of fully packed car travel, including the pup (more on Obie soon, too). To help pass the time, we’ll be logging photos (like Obie’s dopey faces and window-licking because there’s frost, maybe?) as well as events and sights for your (and our) entertainment.

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